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General questions about deposits

  1. Is it possible to make a deposit or withdraw funds using a 3rd party card/account?
    • Deposits and withdrawals are allowed only using your personal account/card. Third party deposits and withdrawals are forbidden.


  1. How fast is instant deposit?
    • Such transactions, normally, are processed within several minutes.
      In some cases it can take more time, but we can’t be held liable for delays in crediting transactions that take part on the side of payment systems.


  1. Are there any commissions upon deposits?
    • In many cases we do not charge any commission to clients and in some other cases there are commissions of payment systems, which we compensate with bonus funds that can be used in trading. At all times, actual live commissions for deposits can be seen in your personal account upon deposit.


  1. When can I make a deposit?
    • You can deposit at any time. Deposit methods are available 24/7.


  1. How long does it take for crypto deposits to be credited?
    • The estimated time depends on the blockchain and correctness of the steps during the process of making payment.


  1. I made a payment, funds were charged from me, but did not credit to the trading account. What should I do?
    • In this case, if payment was not credited within couple of hours, please send confirmation of payment to email [email protected]


  1. Do I have a fixed address when I make a deposit using USDT-TRC?
    • No, every deposit should be initiated only via Libertex platform and for each transaction system generates an unique crypto address for payment. We urge all clients to carefully read the guidelines on both the deposit and withdrawal pages, especially when it comes to crypto transactions.


  1. In case I send a payment less than the minimum amount, will it be credited?
    • This depends on the payment method used. In some cases payment can be traced from the payment partner (usually this process entails more time for processing) whereas in some other cases, payment might be lost.


  1. Are the limits for maximal and minimal payments fixed?
    • Limits can change at any point of time due to external reasons outside of our control.


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