The bonus account  unites all your non-withdrawable incentive bonuses, received from participating in Company's promotions .

The bonuses serve on your account to increase the margin for operations. For example, you have 100 USD in  real money, and 20 USD in bonus money. Thus, you can open a transaction for 120 USD. Keep in mind that  profit will be in real money. You may withdraw it or use it to open another trades. If you have a trade loss, it might influence the bonuses too. First you lose the real money, then the bonuses.

You can see the Bonus Account balance in your Personal Profile on our web-page in Account Summary or by this link.

Here in Trading account Transfer page you might also  transfer bonus money from bonus account  to  real account, selecting the possible  amount. Please keep in mind, that the amount of  bonuses on real account can not surpass 20% of the total funds percentage on your account.

You can transfer up to 20% of bonuses  to the real account.

 For example, you have 100 USD in  real money on the real account. Let's calculate the maximum amount that you can  transfer to the real account by formula:

Actual balance * 20/80 or 100 * 20/80

So you can transfer 25 bonus money to the real account

(For the Meta Trader this percentage is 30% to 70% or 100 * 30/70)

At the end of the day, at 21 GMT, the proportion of the account is recalculated and extra bonuses are automatically transferred to the bonus account. For example, you have 120 USD on real account - 100 real dollars and 20 bonus dollars. You open a transaction for all that balance, but at the end of the day you lose 110 USD and close the transaction.

Thus, only 10 USD remained which are bonuses. As the percentage  of the real funds and bonuses is no longer 20% to 80%, we have to do so-called  automatic correction.

The extra amount of bonuses are transfered back to the bonus account and  stored there.

You might return it back to real account if you fund the real account with real money.

Another example: balance is 120 USD, 100 USD are real and 20 USD are bonuses. You decide to withdraw the 100 USD. So the percentage  of the real funds and bonuses is no longer 20% to 80%.  20 USD bonuses are transferred back to the bonus account.

All bonuses, which were automatically transferred to the bonus account, are kept on bonus account. You can see them in your Personal Profile and you can transfer them to the real account when you have enough real money on Trading account Transfer web-page by this link.

You can fund your account and transfer bonuses  back so they will take less than 20% of the total amount of funds.

 For example, you can deposit 10 USD, and transfer 2.5 bonuses (10 * 20/80).