To date, Crypto-currencies market are the most volatile, and therefore high-risk.
Such anomalous interest in the instruments of this group requires all market participants to make adjustments to trading conditions.

One of the most significant innovations for customers is the mandatory Take-Profit and Stop-Loss for each new position in the crypto currency in MetaTrader 4.

Features of the mandatory Take-Profit and Stop-Loss:

  1. Take-Profit and Stop-Loss are set as a percentage of the opening price of the trade.
  2. The maximum value of Take-Profit is 1.5%;
    the maximum value of Stop-Loss is 5%;
  3. If Take-Profit and Stop-Loss aren't set at the opening of the trade, the system will automatically set the maximum available value (i.e. TP: 1.5% & SL: 5%).
  4. If you set Take-Profit and Stop-Loss exceeding the maximum available values (1.5% and 5% respectively) when opening the trade (or when the trade has already been opened), the system will automatically adjust the values to the maximum possible ones.

For example, on the Dash (DSHUSD) there is a price increase, and we want to place an order to BUY, using next parameters:

The volume of the trade: 1 lot;
Opening price (current Ask price): 386,84;

Let's calculate the maximum available levels of Take-Profit and Stop-Loss for our trade:

Max Take-Profit =386,84  + (386,84 *1,5%) = 386,84 + 5,8026 = 392,64

Max Stop-Loss = 386,84 - (386,84*5%) = 386,84 - 19,342= 367,49

Please note that TP: 1.5% and SL: 5% are the maximum available values of TP / SL. The values below the maximum levels can be set by yourself.