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What is the maximum trade volume I can open?

Trading conditions and maximum trade volumes

Forex Club offers a wide range of trading instruments, each with its own individual trading conditions. These include different margin requirements, trading times, the maximum amount of transactions, etc.

These parameters are extremely important as they directly influence the profitability of the trade. For instance, the higher the volume of your trade is, the faster you may generate profit! But to use your resources efficiently, you should consider the maximum trade size.

Let's analyse the maximum volume of trades for the 10 most popular trading instruments:

Maximum volume per instrument

Trading platforms



(maximum total volume of opened trades taking into account the multiplier in USD)


MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5 (maximum total volume of opened trades in lots)
Bitcoin (Bitcoin/USD) 20 000 000 15
Dash (DSHUSD) 700 000 10000
Ethereum (ETHUSD) 5 000 000 10000
Brent (BRN) 10 000 000 10000
Gold (XAUUSD) 50 000 000 20
NASDAQ 100 (NQ) 10 000 000 10000
Dow Jones (YM) 10 000 000 10000
Apple Inc. (AAPL) 1 500 000 10000
Google Inc. (GOOGL) 1 500 000 10000
Ford Motor Co. (F) 1 500 000 10000


As you can see, the maximum volumes can vary considerably depending on the instrument and its group.

Please also note that the maximum total number of pending orders and trades allowed for MT4 and MT5 real and demo accounts is 300.

This information can help you effectively manage your account by opening new trades. Detailed information on maximum volumes, spreads and other trading conditions is available in the instrument specifications on our website.

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