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Paid dividends

In order to qualify for corporate dividend payments, you must purchase shares prior to the ex-dividend date (ex-dividend date).


Let's look at the example of IBM shares with the ex-dividend date 09.11.2021. If you expect to receive dividends, you must purchase your shares prior to the end of main trading session 08.11.2021 and hold them until the next day (09.11.2021). In this case, you will receive dividends even if you sell the shares on 09.11.2021. 


Payment of dividends is made according to the following formula:


Dividends = number of shares * dividend per share - taxes


Where the amount of dividends is less than 1 cent ($0.001), they are rounded up to the nearest one cent. For example, $0.007 is rounded up to $0.01, while $0.003 is rounded down to 0. As such, the amount of dividends paid would be zero. Please bear this in mind when selecting your investment volume.


Tax on US dividends is payable at a rate of 30%.


Dividends may be credited up to several days after the relevant ex-Date, but typically they are paid on the ex-Date itself.


You can find more information about ex-dividend dates in the "Information" tab below each instrument's chart.


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