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Auto-Increase in Libertex platform

On the Libertex platform, an automatic increase in the trade amount is available when loss on a trade reaches 50% or more.

To use this function, you must enable Auto-Increase in the trade window.

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When losing ≥50% of the trade amount (excluding any applied multiplier), 50% of the trade amount will be reinvested from funds available on the account.

In other words, if you make a $100 trade, the trade amount will automatically increase by $50 upon reaching a loss of $50. That means that the total amount invested will be $150, and the loss will be $50  (spread for increasing the trade amount will be deducted*). 


The opening trade price will change as follows:

  • The trade amount will increase, and the automatic closure price will be pushed back to a safe distance:


  • The opening trade price will change and will be equal to the weighted average price of the initial trade opening price and the instrument price when the auto-increase is executed:


  • Spread is charged for the operation and corresponds to the amount of the increase in the trade amount, factoring in the multiplier applied*.
  • When the trade amount auto-increase operation is executed, the charges for transferring a position to the next day will be calculated for the new investment amount.
  • Please note that the trade amount increase uses the same multiplier amount as that used for the current trade.


 NewInv is the new trade amount after the trade amount auto-increase.

 NewPrice  is the new price for opening the trade after auto-increasing the trade amount.

 Inv(0) is the initial trade amount.

 Price(0) is the trade's initial opening price.

 Inv is the amount of the increase.

 Price  is instrument price when the trade amount auto-increase occurs.

You can find detailed information about increasing the amount of an active trade at

**During periods of high volatility or low liquidity for the corresponding instrument, the maximum multiplier value is subject to change. The auto-increase option is not available when attempting to increase a trade amount with more than the permissible multiplier amount. 

***Auto-increase is also unavailable if there are no available funds. 


Please note that auto-increase will be executed each time a loss of ≥50% of the trade amount occurs while the function is enabled.

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